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Beautiful spaces, exceptional service and professional management can impress your prospective renters. They'll see your property as a polished home where all of their needs will be seen to - exactly the kind of place where they want to live.

Our services include:

  • Property management services
  • Real estate management services
  • Real estate investment services
  • Rent your property
  • Rental property maintenance
  • Rental property cleaning
  • Invest Power & Management is a property management company specializing in long-term rental work in the Harrisburg, PA area. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your property.

    Explore our full range of services

    Our property management company has tailored our services to meet the needs of rental property owners. We offer:

    • Property investment services
    • Property management services
    • Property maintenance services

    If you want advice from professionals, you can discuss rental investment, sales and monetary placement with us. Call (800) 756-7090 now to find out more about what we can do for you.

    Invest Power & Management is proud to serve rental property owners

    We help property owners keep their renters happy and impress prospective tenants by maintaining beautiful spaces, taking the stress out of scheduling and providing ongoing assistance.

    For details about property investment services or other services, reach out to us today.

    Why should you hire a property management company?

    Investing in a property strengthens your portfolio and opens the door to many opportunities. When you're ready to take this leap, don't go all in by yourself. The right property management company can help reduce the risk involved in your investment while taking some of the burden of management off of your shoulders. With our property investment services, you can:

    Save time by letting us handle scheduling and paperwork for renters
    Get expert opinions on investments you're considering
    Hand off repair and maintenance to a specialized team

    We also take care of cleaning between short-term renters and on-site emergencies while you're away. Contact our property management company in Harrisburg, PA now for property investment services.